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Zerodrag Catalyst Race Wires

Zerodrag Catalyst Race Wires

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Product Description

The ZERODRAG Catalyst Racewire is an innovative solution designed for drone enthusiasts seeking enhanced motor performance and convenience. Acting as a bridge between the motor and Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), this specialized motor wire serves multiple purposes. It not only extends the length of the motor wire, preventing propeller damage, but also facilitates quick motor replacements in the field.

  • In The Box

    5 x ZERODRAG Catalyst Racewire

    5 x Heatsink

  • Specifications

    Weight: 1.47 g

    Dimension: 40mm x 9mm


  • Extended Motor Wire: The Catalyst Racewire provides added length to the motor wire, ensuring optimal positioning between the motor and ESC.
  • Propeller Protection: By preventing propellers from cutting motor wires, it enhances the durability and longevity of the drone's components.
  • Easy Motor Replacement: With the Catalyst Racewire in place, swapping motors becomes a hassle-free task, ideal for field repairs or upgrades.
  • Heatsink Inclusion: Each Catalyst Racewire comes with a heatsink for comprehensive insulation of connections, safeguarding against conductive materials like carbon fiber frames.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 1.47 g and featuring compact dimensions, the ZERODRAG Catalyst Racewire minimizes added weight and bulk to your drone setup, ensuring optimal performance without compromising agility.
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