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Zerodrag Aurora Race-X LED

Zerodrag Aurora Race-X LED

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Product Description

Introducing the ZERODRAG AURORA RACE-X, a pioneering addition to the world of compact LED lighting for racing drones. While the concept of LEDs in the drone industry is not new, we've reimagined and revolutionized the way they illuminate the skies. Our unique design, featuring side-mounted LEDs on three sides of the PCB and traditional top-facing LEDs, ensures comprehensive coverage in all four directions. This innovation sets the ZERODRAG AURORA RACE-X apart from the rest, providing a dynamic and immersive lighting experience for racing enthusiasts.

  • In The Box

    4 x ZERODRAG Aurora Race-X LEDs.

    4 x Heat shrink tube.

    4 x silicone cable Sets

  • Specifications


    • Dimensions: 40mm x 6.5mm x 3.6mm
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Side-mounted LEDs on three sides + Top-facing LEDs
    • Weight: 1.16g x 4
    • Input Voltage: 5V
    • Cable Length: 100mm


Strategic Illumination: The ZERODRAG AURORA RACE-X features unique LED placement, with side-mounted lights on three edges. This strategic arrangement ensures complete coverage in all directions, making it the top choice for racing drones where visibility is crucial.

Sleek Dimensions: Measuring at just 40mm x 6.5mm x 3.6mm, the ZERODRAG AURORA RACE-X boasts a sleek and compact design. This allows for seamless integration without sacrificing performance.

Versatile Lighting Effects: Despite its compact size, the ZERODRAG AURORA RACE-X delivers impressive lighting effects. Side-mounted LEDs create stunning visuals, adding a new dimension to your drone racing experience.

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