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Zerodrag Warp F7 Flight Controller- ICM42688P

Zerodrag Warp F7 Flight Controller- ICM42688P

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    Product Description

    The ZERODRAG WARP F7 is a cutting-edge flight controller designed for UAVs. It offers advanced capabilities with robust performance powered by the STM32F722 microcontroller, two gyro options (ICM42688P and MPU6000), and an integrated BMP280 barometer. The controller supports a wide range of power inputs (3-6S LiPo) and features a compact form factor (37mm x 38.5mm x 7.1mm), making it an ideal choice for high-precision flight operations.

    Enhanced with an AT7456E OSD chip, 32MB BlackBox-Flash for flight data logging, and multiple BEC outputs, the ZERODRAG WARP F7 ensures comprehensive functionality for various UAV applications. Its connectivity options include up to 6 UARTs, up to 8 Motor outputs, and I2C pads for additional sensors. The flight controller is optimized for Betaflight firmware and compatible with iNav, providing seamless integration and easy configuration for all your UAV needs.

    • In The Box

      1 x ZERODRAG WARP F7 Flight Controller

      5 x M3 Rubber Grommets

      1 x Silicone USB Protector

      1 x Cable Harness Pouch

    • Specifications

         •    Product Name: ZERODRAG WARP F7

         •    Power Input: 3-6S LiPo

         •    Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm (4mm hole size)

         •    Dimension: 37 x 38.5 x 7.1 mm

         •    Weight: 9.35g

         •    MCU: STM32F722

         •    GYRO (IMU): ICM42688P / MPU6000

         •    Barometer: BMP280


    High-Performance STM32 F7 Processor

    GPS support for Rescue mode (Betaflight)

    GPS support for Loiter/autonomous missions(INAV)

    Built-in Analog OSD (MAX7456E)

    Up to 6 UART Ports

    Supports Up to 8 Motor Outputs

    Gyro Sampling Rate(8Khz)

    Compact, sleek, Lightweight Design for lowrider builds 

    2 Gyro/IMU Options (mpu6000 /icm42688p)Dedicated power supply for clean IMU power rail 

    Integrated Barometer BMP280

    Integrated 32MB Black Box-Flash for logging 

    Wide Power Input Range (3-6S LiPo)

    Betaflight and iNav Support

    USB Type-C Port with solder pads for hard to reach Builds

    Camera Control Pad for analog camera setup

    5V and 10V BEC Outputs  

    I2C Pads for Additional Sensors

    LED and Buzzer Support 

    RSSI Pad

    Betaflight Standard Connector

    DFU Mode Activation via BOOT Button

    True Pit Mod

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